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A second passport can be life-changing. Find out where to start and how to take the next steps.

Retirement Abroad?

Are you approaching retirement and thinking of where you want to spend your time? Let us help you get there.

Living in the EU?

Want to live and work in the EU? There are more ways than you might think. Read on to find out some of the most popular ways.

Top Investment Destinations


Golden Visa
Visa Free 160 Passport Rank 11th
Min InvestEUR 350,000 Quality of Life30th
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Individual Investor Program (MIIP)
Visa Free 157 Passport Rank 24th
Min InvestEUR 1,000,000 Quality of Lifen/a
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Citizenship by Investment
Visa Free 151 Passport Rank 37th
Min InvestEUR 2,000,000 Quality of Life23rd
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the UK

Investor Visa (Tier-1)
Visa Free 160 Passport Rank 11th
Min InvestGBP 2,000,000 Quality of Life27th
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Antigua And Barbuda

Citizenship by Investment
Visa Free 129 Passport Rank 60th
Min InvestUSD 100,000 Quality of Lifen/a
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Saint Kitts And Nevis

Citizenship by Investment
Visa Free 130 Passport Rank 58th
Min InvestUSD 150,000 Quality of Lifen/a
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