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Antigua And Barbuda: Citizenship by Investment

A passport from Antigua and Barbuda provides you with the freedom of visa free travel in 126 countries globally including all of the Schengen countries, Canada and much of South America.  The programme is relatively straight-forward and typically takes approximately 6 months to complete but can take up to 12 months.  You are not required to travel to Antigua during the application process however you will need to visit Antigua and Barbuda for swearing in and acceptance of the citizenship,

You will need to spend at least 35 days in Antigua and Barbuda during the first 5 years after acquiring citizenship but with its fine white sand beaches and peace and tranquility away from the stresses of the world, nobody should mind. Antigua is an English-speaking island with a population of over 90,000 people. 

The following family members can be included in your application:

-  Your Spouse

-  Any children under the age of 25 who are financially dependent on you.

-  Any parents aged over 65 who are financially dependent on you.



  • Make a contribution to the National Development Fund in the minimum sum of US$100,000 per application and you can apply for citizenship. The contribution is in the form of a one-time payment and is US$125,000 for a family of five and over. There is a processing fee of USD$25,000 for up to a family of four and an additional USD$15,000 for each dependent after that.  This program gives you and your family citizenship.
  • If you purchase approved Real Estate to the value of USD$400,000 or more you can apply for citizenship. There is a processing fee of USD$50,000 for up to a family of four and an additional USD$15,000 for each dependent after that.

  • If you make a joint investment in an approved local business to the value of at least US$ 5,000,000, and each of the investors individually contribute at least US$400,000 you can apply for citizenship.   If you invest individually,  you need to invest USD$1,500,000 to be eligible to apply for citizenship.  There is a processing fee of USD$50,000 for up to a family of four and an additional USD$15,000 for each dependant after that.

Citizenship by Investment Key Points

Programme Name:Citizenship by Investment Minimum investment:USD 100,000
Time to permanent residency: Immediate Time to citizenship: Immediate
Typical processing time:3 months Minimum stay:No requirement
Visa Free Countries:129 Passport Ranking:60th
Cost of Living Rank:n/a Corruption Rank:n/a

Antigua And Barbuda Overview

Two islands surrounded by blue sea and ocean, more palm trees than you could ever count and a reputation of being the sunniest island in the Caribbean. Antigua and Barbuda is the perfect place for those who want to feel like they’re always on holiday. 

With a population of only a hundred thousand, these islands are the best imaginable escape from a rushed and stressful life. The islands count 365 beautiful beaches, one for every day of the year, and rain forests offer adventurous options like zip lining and hiking.  In the capital city St. John you can buy everything you need and there are plenty of options for food and entertainment

Locals love cricket and conveniently speak English as their official language, which shows how strongly influenced the country was by the British settlers who ruled the island for almost 350 years.

Antigua and Barbuda know one of the lowest crime rates in the region and are considered a very safe place to stay. The beautiful surroundings are not the only benefit you get when you live here; the country has one of the best education systems in the area and the most modern hospital in the Caribbean can be found here. 

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The passport for Antigua And Barbuda allows you to travel to 129 countries without a visa.

Its global rank is 60.