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22 December, 2017

“We wondered if anyone else was unaware of all the opportunities out there to live in work in other countries”  Co-founder Alison Johnson chats to Warren Ingram from Moneyweb South Africa about opportunities for people to live, work and immigrate abroad or to get a second passport. 

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18 December, 2017

Alison Johnson from wherecani.live talks to Shado Twala on the SAFM Otherwise Show about second passports.  "There are many opportunities that people do not know about to get a second passport."

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17 December, 2017

"If you are stuck for a gift for the family this year, how about a second passport? This seemingly crazy idea may just be the best present you’ll ever give, according to wherecani.live, an international travel company."

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12 December, 2017

"Why does having a second passport matter? Ask anyone who has tried to travel, work or move overseas and they will quickly tell you about the drawbacks of having a single passport. With the current political instability and further junk status downgrades South Africa has faced as of late, some might say you would be mad not to have a 'Plan B' if things don't start taking a turn for the better."

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31 August, 2017

“The key thing… is that you can pass that citizenship on to your children or your grandchildren, and it opens up opportunities for them a generation down the line… so that they are able to work and live and move around the world freely,”